Located in Honey Brook, Chester County, Pa., September Farm is owned and operated by David and Roberta Rotelle. The couple and their family make cheese using fresh, pasteurized, hormone-free milk from Holstein cows raised on their award-winning dairy farm. Their cheeses are made on September Farm, free from preservatives with the finest all-natural ingredients following time-proven traditions for the hand crafting, hand waxing, and aging of artisan-style cheeses.

September Farm controls every aspect of cheese making. They raise their dairy herd on forages grown at September Farm, and hours-old milk goes directly from milking to the cheese vat to the aging room and then hand waxed. The forages that feed September Farm cows grow upon some of the richest soils in the area, and the Honey Brook waters used to make the cheese gets its name from town’s high water quality. From fields to cows, from the milk to the cheese vat, the Rotelle family's personal commitment to producing the highest quality dairy products shows.

September Farm is recognized as a Dairy of Distinction by the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program. Dave and Roberta are licensed cheese makers from the University of Wisconsin and are also members of the American Cheese Society. In addition, Dave represents the fourth generation of his family to serve the food industry.