Conebella Farm Cheese comes from all-natural ingredients made with the milk from Conebella’s award-winning, 100 percent Ayrshire dairy farm. Since 1923, five generations of Gable's have called the farm home, including its current owners, Don and Pam Gable and their three sons, Josh, Tyler and Kevin. The 198-acre farm sits in Elverson, Chester County, Pa. and grows all of the forages and most feed for the 120 milking cows and 100 head of young stock.

Conebella Farm has received numerous production and conservation awards over the years. Their Ayrshires have made a name for being a top production herd in the United States. Their herd means a lot to the Gable family and the generations before them, and the cows are treated as individuals not just numbers in a herd. The Gables are members of the Morgantown Area Business Association, PA Preferred program, and Chester County Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Conebella Farm began selling cheese in 2007. Ayrshire cow’s milk is known for its right balance of fat and protein, perfect for cheese making. Conebella’s cheese carries a creamy, buttery flavor and texture. Conebella’s Ayrshire milk gets processed off the farm by a nearby artisan cheese maker.

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Conebella Cheese can be ordered by phone (610-286-2967) or e-mail and be picked up during regular business hours at Conebella’s shop located on the farm. Their cheese can also be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. and can be found at any one of the listed retail locations. For complete ordering detail, please visit their website.

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